THE PHOENICIAN CODE - Unveiling the Secrets of the Holy Grail

2nd US edition
#2 All-Time Bestseller at Ars Metaphysica
Sunbury Press SUNNY AWARD 2019 (USA)

The Phoenician Code

Sunbury Press Inc. has released on Saturday, October 22, 2011, the first edition of this controversial title. The 2nd edition was released on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 by Ars Metaphysica, an imprint of Sunbury Press Books. The Phoenician CODE, a fictional novel based on astounding historical and religious facts. Manipulated by the underground lobby since the coming of Christ, and revealed today by The Phoenician Code, those hidden facts come to light to reassess some major realities. Much more than just an anti-thesis to: The DaVinci Code.


An enigmatic secret of a dying Rabbi.
A bizarre Stone leading to an underground Chamber.
Murders connected to an Ancient Temple.
A battle with the evil side.
Secret of the Tau: Crucifixion and Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 −Short Synopsis

Two French Knight Templars galloping through a rocky mountainous terrain on a rainy night; riding against time only to hear the last breath of their dying master, a Jewish Rabbi with an allegedly mysterious historical secret in the city of Troyes, France, 1105 AD.

A team of three young people, Paul, a Historian; Maya, an Archaeologist; and Youmna, an Alchemist, visit the ancient city of Byblos, Lebanon—Present time. Sent by an erudite man of the Church—Padre Joseph—to solve a riddle, regarding the murder of an Architect. As the Archaeologist and Alchemist work on the site, the Historian travels to Geneva to participate in a seminar where his thesis is met with ferocious adversaries from a clandestine organization set on killing him for his revelations.

Meanwhile, something strange happens at the Archaeological Site in Gebel. A Stone of bizarre inscriptions is unearthed, and the search to decode it will lead them to an underground archaic Chamber—the Mystery Chamber. But they find their discovery efforts thwarted as they must once again run for their lives when yet another victim is found dead in an obscurely unexpected fashion. Afraid of being caught by that secret organization, Paul communicates with the Padre using the Kadmus sequence—a secret cypher. As the Police pursue their investigation and search for the murderers, more strange events continue to unfold.

Paul meets a secret society, the Great White Fraternity, Initiated by Hermes-Enoch-Tautus, the founder of the First Religion. He discovers the truth about the Holy Grail, and the hidden motives behind the Crusades by the deceitful Knights of Solomon’s Temple—Rashi's Knights Templar. Referring to precise details in the New Testament, the Keepers attest to the rightful spiritual role of Mary Magdalene, demonstrate the origin of Jesus-Christ and his Phoenician-Galilean Royal Bloodline, not Jewish as traditionally believed, and submit authentic maps showing another Bethlehem in Phoenicia to support the argument.

The thrill continues into Iraq, USA, and Israel... and are for you to discover by obtaining your copy....

Be ready to experience a World Revelation and a Christian Revolution...


Martin Luther wrote in Christian Liberty, «Therefore the Promises of God belong to the New Testament. Indeed, they are the New Testament.»


Info :

This new 2nd edition of 2018 is fully revised, and edited
380 pages, 6 × 9, with approximately 135,000 words including maps
Public price: Paperback $19.95 / ebook: $6.99
Literary Genre: FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical — Action & Adventure — Thrillers / Christian
Cover illustration by Josef Haddad (


Copyright © 2018, by Karim El Koussa
All Rights reserved.
Published by ARS METAPHYSICA an imprint of Sunbury Press Inc
Mechanicsburg, PA
ISBN 978-1-620060-84-1
Product of the United States of America
November 2018


1st US edition

This old edition of 2011 is now out of stock.
Around 400 pages.
Literary Genre: Religious Mystery—Fiction Thriller // Metaphysical—Visionary.


Copyright © 2011, by Karim El Koussa
All Rights reserved.
Published by Sunbury Press Inc
Camp Hill, PA
ISBN 978-1-934597-75-0
Printed in the United States of America
October 2011

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